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Who We Are

The 4 Directions Healing Foundation is a Native American charitable and educational (501c3) organization made up primarily of people with diverse American Indian backgrounds.  We are based in Central Illinois, although we have directors in different states.

We have done charitable work with different Native American communities, and strive to help our Native brothers and sisters in the most meaningful ways we can.

The 4 Directions Healing Foundation has done Native American cultural programs in Central Illinois and in other locations serving as a vital and authentic source of Native American culture to the public. Through our Native American events and cultural programs, we have addressed stereotypes about our people and traditions, left audiences with a newfound understanding and respect for Native American traditions, and given different Native American people a platform to tell their story.

If you care about Native American people and culture, we invite you to join us in this most special effort to work for the good of our people. 

Contact Information

Phone: 815-252-2230
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 625, Chillicothe, IL, 61523   

Upcoming 4 Directions Healing Foundation Programs, Events, & other

events we're asked to participate in:



February 8 -- Bald Eagle Days
(presented by the Chillicothe Rotary Club) -- There will be many activities going on throughout the morning including a pancake and sausage breakfast from 7:30-11:30 a.m.  Our involvement is that: 4 Directions Healing Foundation associate member Jo Lakota will be doing storytelling and secretary Karen Danner will read a writing from vice president Lionel Little Eagle Pinn about the importance of the eagle in Native American culture. -- Shore Acres Park -- Chillicothe, IL -- 7:30 to 11:30 am
August 23 -- Native Americans Speak event
(4th Annual) -- 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Shore Acres Park -- Chillicothe, IL
(Click "Native Americans Speak" at top of this page for more information.)

October 6th -- Cooking Around the World Program -- Chillicothe Public Library -- Chillicothe, IL -- 6:30 p.m.
For the third straight year, the 4 Directions Healing Foundation will present a Native American cooking program with different directors participating.  You can learn about food and culture as you watch the food being prepared, and then there is tasting at the end of the program.  * To attend, contact the Chillicothe Public Library and sign up: 309-274-2719

Become a Member of the 4 Directions Healing Foundation

We invite you to consider becoming a member of 4 Directions Healing Foundation.

 Membership is an opportunity to help us build a stronger network of support for the programs we plan and educational structure of our organization.  It also helps us to make our charitable trips to different Native American communities.

We understand that the contributions you make will vary, and welcome your participation as a member at whichever level
you are most comfortable.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please mail us:

Your name, address, phone and e--mail address, along with your selected donation (preferably check or money order), to

4 Directions Healing Foundation
P.O. Box 625 
Chillicothe, IL

Here are our current membership levels:

Turtle: $10          Wolf: $50         Bear: $100       Eagle: $500     

* Membership is on an annual basis from the date you become a member.



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